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Welcome to Silk Roots restaurant. We have been providing fresh and delicious Middle Eastern cuisine to City of Peterborough. The cuisine is suitable for all, starting with children, youth, families,business professionals and seniors.We are thrilled to bring combination of some of our most savory dishes with mouthwatering test. Our food is authentic which means we do not need to over season our food or make it spicy to give it flavour. We have simple ingredients but our secret lies in the time, and care set to making each dish.

We need your support in order to provide you the best quality and most authentic cuisine to your table. Because we want to be successful at providing our family, and neighbours a true taste of our culture.

Call us today for your order or reservation because we treat you like a friend.

Awarded Chefs

Mehdi Taheri:-

Living on his own since he was a teenager, Mehdi was forced to learn how to cook. Being a part from his family created the need to make close connections and essentially make friends who are like family. With this in mind, and the great love of mom's home-made cooking he was encouraged to learn. Always trying new recipes and a knack for fusion of spices, Mehdi became pretty popular with his skills.

Mina Monsef:-

With more than 15 years experience in the customer service industry, and working side by side with her husband for the past 8 years to provide the best experience for our customers and being passionate about our city is what we do best. We hope that you would join us to experience a taste of our culture today.

Moving to Peterborough, Mehdi co owned a small restaurant by the name of Persian Food located across from the old PCVS and operated for a couple years.

Then the opportunity of Ariyana came, which gave Mehdi and his Wife, Mina a better location and a wider customer base. with the help of our family, from choosing a name that is authentic, to creating our social media platform, and childcare our love is this business and our customers grew even stronger. When we sold Ariyana, in 2015, we took a break and when we returned, Silk Roots was born.

Being steps away from The Showplace, MarketHall and remaining in our beautiful downtown drew us back into his passion of cooking and providing excellent customer service to all of our customers has allowed us to remain in Peterborough to share in our traditional and non traditional tastes. Even though sometimes the work seems to be back bracing, Mehdi always manages to provide his customers with the same grade- A quality your hard earned living deserves.

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Mehdi Taheri



Mina Monsef